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vCricket Webmaster Services are services built specifically for webmasters to enhance their websites.

vCricket webmaster services include the following:

Scorecard Syndication APIs

Finally the quest to find an absolutely Free Live Cricket Scorecard for your website ends here, as we offer you just the same without any hassled procedures. Simply generate your code and insert it on your website and showcase a standardized Cricket Scorecard. In short, No sign ups and No approval! Just a simple code and you acquire a free Scorecard for your website.

The code could be integrated without fuss and messy customization of source code. It is a simple insertion of code like pasting an image on your website. Moreover, we offer multiple sizes to help you decide the most appropriate scorecard for your website. The scorecard we provide is generated from our servers so you do not have to worry about bandwidth.

As Live Cricket Scorecard provides stickiness to a website, it can be used as a tool to retain loyal users as well as to bring in more traffic. So, you can choose either your favorite country or common code to showcase all the current matches being played. However, our service cannot be used in non-general-public accessible website or within an application.

Click here to generate free Live Cricket Scorecard code for your website today.

Still not convinced, look at the features and benefits of our Cricket Card Scorecard Syndication.

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Premium Scorecard

You could download the Media Kit of our website from the following links, to help you get an overview of traffic reaching our website.

We are pleased to offer customized scorecards as the live scorecard can be personalized for a website, helping you to drive more traffic.

Live Scorecard can introduce stickiness to your site, persuading users to come back frequently to view latest scores.

We have something for everyone, right from a portal to niche audience site. We offer services ranging from popular scorecard to XML and if you are keen we can even run your own branded cricket website.

The details all our services are as follows.

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