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Premium Scoreboards

Drive traffic with our customized scorecards

We are pleased to offer customized scorecards as the live scorecard can be personalized for a website, helping you to drive more traffic.

Live Scorecard can introduce stickiness to your site, persuading users to come back frequently to view latest scores.

We have something for everyone, right from a portal to niche audience site. We offer services ranging from popular scorecard to XML and if you are keen we can even run your own branded cricket website.

The details all our services are as follows.

Premium Scorecards

Our scorecards are images, which can easily be integrated with any type of site within seconds. Our most popular live scorecard syndication module is based on this format. We offer the following scorecard options with our premium scorecard service.

  • Ad Free Score Card
  • Unbranded Scorecard
  • Special Colors
  • Your Own Branded Scorecard
  • Special Size Scorecard
  • Customized Content on Scorecard


Unbranded and ad free Scorecard
Scorecard with link to vcricket.com USD  99.00 / Month
Scorecard without link to vcricket.com USD 129.00 / Month
Customized Scorecard with Color & your Logo
Scorecard with link to vcricket.com USD 179.00 / Month
Scorecard without link to vcricket.com USD 239.00 / Month

Setup charges − USD 179.00 (refundable at the time of anniversary of your contract)

The Delivery of service takes typically Seven Days to finalize and go live with your personalized scorecard and the billing is done on six monthly basis.

XML Scorecard

For portal, we offer scorecards in XML format so that they can customize every aspect of the scorecard. Our Time Tested XML Scorecard feed is perfect for all those people who want complete control. Websites can integrate our XML Feed with their site without letting the user know the source of the feeds. This option is best suited for portals and news websites.


Setup Charges − USD 1,000.00

Monthly charges Covering all countries and all international matches − USD 2,500.00 / Month

Monthly charges covering Single country − USD 1,000.00 / Month.

The Delivery of service takes typically Two Days to go live with your XML scorecard feeds and the billing is done on Quarterly basis.

Unbranded vCricket Site

For all those, who have money, interest and vision, we can run a full fledged cricket site for your company. Herein, our people will take care of complete backend so that your company can concentrate on marketing the website to increase its revenues.

Our backend processes include Scorecard update, ad-management, server, web traffic load balancing, news server update and live cricket picture publishing. We will also get the front end designed based on your inputs, giving you a complete turn key solution for your cricket website needs.


Setup Charges − USD 9,500.00

Monthly Charges − USD 6,000.00

The above includes two servers, if additional servers are added it would cost USD 1,500.00 / Month

The Delivery of service takes typically 30−45 Days to go live with your site feeds and the billing is done on Quarterly basis.

We offer discounts of 15% if the amount is paid on yearly basis.

You could always contact us by using the form or you could send an eMail to sales[at]vCricket.com, and we would be more than happy to answer all your queries.

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