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  • Increase your web traffic by placing our scorecard on your website
  • Satisfy your users by offering them a glimpse of scorecard of current cricket matches on your site
  • Simple integration, it is like placing an image on our site.
  • Improve stickiness on your website
  • Add credibility to your site, by putting our live Scorecard.


  • Clutter free
  • Updation of Live Scorecard within 3 - 7 Seconds after the actual event.
  • Contains all the necessary details about a cricket match i.e. team current scores, current batting and bowling players figures, match status and more...
  • Updated ball by ball

Scorecard syndication of various places

  • Blogs
  • Horizontal Websites
  • Cricket websites
  • Content Driven
  • Discussion Forums
  • News Websites
  • Portals
  • Personal Websites
  • Sport Websites, etc.
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