Embrace cricket to enhance revenues

Why Cricket?

Cricket as a sport has enormous potential. With 16 countries participating in world cup 2007, it would not be a mistake to say that it almost pegged around 1.5 Billion people. The game has seen a further rise in popularity with the Twenty20 format. It has not only attracted a larger audience but a more diverse one.

In effect, live scores and Cricket news is a big draw among users and people usually throng the sites to see post match statistics and current news from all over the world. Moreover, Cricket and Internet gel well as no other medium can fully exploit the in-depth statistics, which the game generates during a match.

The reason behind creating vCricket.com

We wanted to create a site, where we could reach the users at the grass root level and help smaller companies and websites to embrace cricket to increase their revenues.

We are a staunch believer in Technology and we truly believe that our technology can make a difference in online Cricket.

The achievements of vCricket.com

vCricket is an evolving site and connects to audience like no other website. In effect, we have moved from version 1.0 to present version 6.0, incorporating all the suggestions given by our users.

The USP of our Syndicating Score Card is that it is for free and has helped us in reaching over 600 sites, which have adopted our scorecard. This is not all, in world cup we achieved over 1800 sites, which used our scorecard.

We have averaged over consistent 2.1 million page views and have been attracting users from over 170 countries. In addition to this, our Road Map is full with activities which would help us in increasing traffic and revenues in long run.

You could download more statistics which are available in our media kit from here.

Corporate Profile

vCricket.com is owned by Capricorn Infotech India Pvt. Ltd., a company established in India in 1997.The site was launched on 25th October, 2005.

The company is actively promoting IT Security, Web Concepts and Niche IT Services to select audience.

Please visit our corporate website http://www.ciweb.net to know more about our company and activities


We are constantly looking for potential Investors & Partners, who could associate with us to create a strong brand with consistent returns. The opportunity is open for Venture Capitalists and investors, who would want to invest in our activities to fund our growth plans.

To know the value and potential vCricket.com has to offer, you can contact our CEO, who would be more than happy to talk to you on the prospects available with us. He could be reached on GSM at +91 9818306326 or you can contact us through this form. It includes phone nos. in various countries to help you reach us locally.

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