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Along with test matches and one day matches, now even Twenty20 matches have started attracting newer audience from world over. Cricket has grown bigger in stature as well as in popularity. It has touched a chord with audiences in younger generation as well, and not limited to gentleman. The game has already reached a cult status in many countries and with shorter version of cricket it would reach newer territories and newer sections of audience.

Cricket is perhaps the only sport in the world, which offers advertisers an opportunity to connect with their target audience for over eight hours. During this time, the advertisers can use the emotional quotient of the passion, which runs high across all segments of users during the match.

The statistics rich sport is ideally suited for Internet and users often hit popular cricket websites during live match to keep a tab on the latest scores and statistics. This makes Internet an ideal spot for advertisers to publicize their goods and services.

Why vCricket.com?

We at vCricket.com offer a good opportunity to companies to connect to people in over 170 countries and to reach a global audience.

Our unique Scoreboard Syndication Service (details here) is extensively used by over 600 Sites, helping our advertisers reach a wide range of audience.

Our Advertisers could target the following audience coming to our site:

  • Users at offices, who are unable to see match from the office
  • User from countries, where Cricket Matches are not shown live
  • Net Savvy user, who want to play with Cricket Statistics
  • People on the Move, who would want to get updated scorecard on Mobile
  • Students who are always looking for statistics on matches
  • Cricket enthusiasts, who always hit on our site

Media KIT

You could download the Media Kit of our website from the following links, to help you get an overview of traffic reaching our website.

Advertising on Syndicated Cricket scorecard.

Syndicated scorecard rectangle Ad

Through vCricket, a potential advertiser can reach over 600 sites with one stroke. Advertising on our Syndicated Scoreboard Service helps companies to expose their brand to reach on a wide range of sites, which includes News Sites, Cricket Sites, Horizontal sites, Blogging Sites, Personal websites and many more.

The other advantages of advertising on our Syndicate Scoreboard include

Your ad appears on various web sites (there are over 600 sites syndicating our Scoreboard).
Ads are an integral part of the Scoreboard, so cannot be blocked or scrapped.
The ads are repeatedly shown to the end user, creating a strong recall value for your brand.
All ads are shown exclusively on our small scoreboards, creating uncluttered focus for your brand.

Please contact sales[at]vcricket.com for availability of the slots on the Score card.

The pricing includes a 180 x 150 advertisement on scorecard page, which is linked to you site. Pricing is:

  • USD 150.00/ Twenty20 Match / country
  • USD 250.00/ One Day Match / Country
  • USD 450.00/ Test Match. / Country

Advertising on vcricket.com website.

In addition to, there are other opportunities to place your advertisements:

Ad options Ad Size Price per 1000 impression
Button banner AD 180 x 30 USD 0.50
Half banner AD 234 x 60 USD 1.00
Small tile AD 160 x 160 USD 1.25
Regular tile AD 180 x 180 USD 1.50
Banner AD 468 x 60 USD 1.75
Medium rectangle AD 300 x 250 USD 3.00
Rectangle AD on toolbar 22 x 60 USD 1.00

Options for Premium Plans

Country Targeting - add USD 0.50 / 1000 impression. We could target banners to users based on country.

Spot Targeting - add USD 0.75 / 1000 impression All banner could be positioned based on your preferred spot on the site.

Ad within first 300 Pixels of page - add USD 0.50 / 1000 impression Ads which are shown on first half of the page carry a premium over others.

Important Terms and Conditions

Minimum Purchase 100,000 Impressions
The Banner should be more than 5-15K (depending upon ad size)
We are accepting only JPG / GIF
Our editors would approve the creative before it is shown on our site.
We reserve all the rights for the services we would like to promote through our site.

Advertising network

We have various advertising network which are running their campaigns on site, and you could advertise using any one of the following networks.

Google adsense

Tribal fusion


Sponsors and Strategic Advertising Companies.

We are open for arrangements with companies, who could sponsor our activities. We can also entertain site representation companies, who could see our inventory for their potential clients. Please contact us using this form or call us on any of phone numbers listed there and we would be more than happy to explore the options available on our site.

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